General information

Drill-Lab has been providing geological consulting and professional surface logging services to customers world-wide since 1990. From advanced gas evaluation and drilling instrumentation, through to computerized mud logging services, real time data transmission and data centres as well as geological consulting, the company offers an integrated portfolio of surface logging services covering all types of advanced drilling projects.

The monitoring equipment allows us to acquire and provide to the client a detailed picture of what is happening in the well and in the drilling fluids circulating system, while an experienced mud logger makes the necessary detailed description and conducts the testing of drilled cuttings and cores in order to aid the well site geologist in assessing the hydrocarbon potential of each formation.

Drill-Lab's custom-developed software is a highly advanced expert system and interactive environment for real-time data acquisition, visualization, calculation, monitoring, recording, analysis and storage in the drilling and surface logging industry. In combination with a satellite Internet connection, the software can be a great tool for specialists working in distant locations, including qualified engineers who monitor drilling parameters as well as the management, planning and analysing the project.

Quality, reliability and innovation of Drill-Lab's services are achieved by extensive experience of the company's management team and staff.

Our main goal, reflected in the Integrated Management System, has been to maintain the highest ethical and professional standards by prioritizing the interests of our clients, people and the environment.

Although our core market is in Poland and central Europe, Drill-Lab has world-wide experience in providing services on three other continents. In Asia, specifically central Asia services are provided since 2000 through our subsidiary based in Kazakhstan. In the Middle East, we are present in Oman, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Drill-Lab also has seven years of operational experience in Latin America and three years in Africa (Uganda).

For more information, please refer to Drill-Lab's new website or contact us directly via the contact page.